Our First Week in Review


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Week 1 In Review


I’ve seen lots of other people do these, and I never have.  Mostly because I worry that no one will care what we did all week. LOL  But, a couple of people have mentioned it to me, so here we go!


This week, we started Waldorf EssentialsA Journey Through Waldorf with my 3 big kids, in grades 1, 5, and 6.  This week was really about finding our rhythm, for me anyway.  I used the Little Acorn Learning‘s September 5 Day Guide for the little ones.





We played outside a LOT this week.  I think it was Charlotte Mason who suggested that kids get 6 hours a day, if possible, outside in nature, and I really tried for that this week.  You can read what we did on Monday on our First Day of School post.  On Tuesday, we braved the misquotoes, and did school outside.


Danny in the tree

Danny doing his schoolwork in the tree. Wherever, whatever, long as it gets done! I think he’s reviewing US Geography here. ;-)

Kaitlyn in the tree

Kaitlyn spent all day in the tree. All. day.




We discovered….2013-09-03 05.57.39


2013-09-03 05.55.57



2013-09-03 05.59.55



We explored…


2013-09-03 05.56.22


2013-09-03 05.55.41



It was great fun.  Something I definitely want to do when the weather’s nice enough to.  When we finally moved inside at lunchtime, everyone was happily tired, which makes for a GREAT quiet time!!


This week, Kaitlyn worked on the physics of sound, which was her first block in A Journey Through Waldorf.  I ADORE Supercharged Science, so we used the videos and experiments in the eScience program to help us fully understand the concepts.  We also read The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis, to give meaning to silence, and the sounds God used in Creation.  “God spoke and…” are powerful words, and we talked about how our words how power, and discussed how we think God’s voice must have sounded.  Kaitlyn had some really great insights, I was surprised.  It’s wonderful to see how she’s growing and changing this year.  The combination of bringing the spiritual, feeling aspects of Waldorf with the technical aspects of Supercharged Science is going to make for an incredible year.


2013-09-03 11.23.57


2013-09-03 11.27.58



We continued to work on our form drawing.  To draw each form properly, Melisa Neilson (author of A Journey Through Waldorf) says that we really need to internalize them, so this week, we worked on drawing them on each other’s backs, walking them, making the forms with our bodies, and today, they’ll be drawing the forms in their main lesson books.  Form drawing is a “willing” activity–that is, it helps us shape our will, our doing.  This is REALLY great, our talk today out of Laying Down the Rails for Children was on willfulness and obedience.  When Sean did his forms earlier, he went REALLY fast, just to get through them.  As a result, his main lesson book shows sloppy forms.  Danny has this problem too.  He feels the forms are too “simple,” and are “babyish,” so he tends to rush through them, and then not do them well.  We’re going to have to add more “willing” work, handcraft, forms, other things, to help develop them more.


finger drawing

We drew the forms in plates with sugar and cornstartch, to help us really feel them.


On Wednesday, we took an impromptu road trip!!  Daddy got called out to go visit some places in Indiana and Ohio, so we decided to go with him.  2013-09-04 10.20.25 2013-09-04 10.20.58 2013-09-04 10.54.42



Homeschooling is so much fun!!

2013-09-04 19.47.30


We went to Cracker Barrel for supper, and the kids were SO well behaved.  I was so proud of them.  When we went to pay, the waitress informed us that our bill had been taken care of by another guest!!!  Whatever Angel did that, THANK YOU, from the bottoms of our hearts!!!  We were SO VERY blessed!!!


As Daddy hit all of the sites, the kids were able to get out a bit and run around.  This is TRULY mentoring and discipleship at it’s finest:  teaching our children, while they walk the path WITH us, what it means to be men and women of God.  They were able to see what Daddy does when he’s not with us, and, especially for my big kids, start to understand things like work ethic, what it means, and how it’s shown.  My husband has an INCREDIBLE work ethic.  It’s something we’re working hard to pass down to our kids.

2013-09-04 14.24.42

Except Kaitlyn, who opted to stay in the nice, air conditioned van with me and work on her handwork.  Smart girl.


2013-09-04 14.26.27


When we got home, I had a package on the porch!!  YEA!!!  My hard copies of A Journey Through Waldorf were here!!  When you become a Lifetime Member of Thinking, Feeling, Willing at Waldorf Essentials, you get hard copies of all of their curriculum guides, in edition to the digital copies.  SO VERY COOL!!


2013-09-06 09.29.56



The week felt long, because of the trip.  So, today, we’re just taking it easy.  We’re finishing up our week, but I’m not pushing things too hard.  It was a LONG drive.  Overall, we had a great week!


2013-09-03 07.04.59

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