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Prince Charming is a cheapskate, um, frugal.  Very, very frugal.  It’s not that we’re broke, he just can’t fathom spending some of the prices that I just sort of blink at and hit “buy” on anyway.  To encourage marital bliss, I’ve discovered some ways to be a bit more frugal myself.  Mostly so that when I do spend a bit too much, it all balances out.  So, here are some tips to deal with the frugal one in your life:

1)  Used bookstores.  Seriously, these can be absolutely wonderful, but you have to be careful!!  I can go in and drop $200 at our used bookstore at a time.  I might have a slight book addiction.  So, if you have a book addiction like me, go in with a list, and go in with cash.  If your budget is only $20, take $20 in cash, and leave your card at home.  ;-)

2)  Kindle.  There’s so much free on Kindle, it’s crazy.  Use that sucker to death.  Which brings me to…

3)  There are a LOT of resources out there that have great collections of ebooks for a great price.  Heritage History comes to mind, along with the Yesterday’s Classics collection.  Yesterday’s Classics run a sale every once in a while, where you can get their entire 225 book collection for just $50.  I’m not sure exactly when it is, though.  Make sure you’re following me, because when I see it, I post it EVERYWHERE.  This is a collection that we very literally use daily.  Heritage History has two resources:  their Curriculum collection which will run you $24 each, or their Library collection which will run you $19.  Both are awesome.  They also have an online academy that will run you $25/course, and is absolutely OUTSTANDING.  Great frugal resources.

4)  Spring for the high quality supplies once in a while.  You’ll be glad you did.  Our Stockmar block and stick crayons have lasted us since September.  Yes, they were more expensive up front, but it was SO worth it.

5)  Learn how to make your own supplies.  You can find do-it-yourselves on pretty much anything on Pinterest.  Take advantage.  Just set yourself a timer, or I promise, you’ll get lost on there.

6)  Don’t curriculum hop.  Seriously.  Being a curriculum junkie is the single thing that has completely shot our budget most years.  Find your curriculum, and stick with it.  If you can find one like the Thinking, Feeling, Willing Lifetime Membership at Waldorf Essentials, that will give you ALL of your needed curriculum for most of your homeschooling your career, JUMP AT IT.

OK, these are my best tips this year.  Go and find out what the rest of the Crew’s best tips for Frugal Homeschooling are by clicking the banner below!

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