Celebrating the Festivals: Easter 2014

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Easter Round Up

Easter.  To us, it should be THE single most important Christian holiday, but all too often, it’s regulated to second-best, behind Christmas.  But, this is the season when we celebrate the very essence of the Gospel ~ not that Christ came, but that He DIED, He LIVES, and He’s COMING BACK!!  Easter to us is the most important holiday on the calendar.  With that, I’m honored to bring you a round up of some of the best Easter resources I could find:


Resurrection Rolls ~ we make these every year!  SO. YUMMY.
Resurrection Cookies ~ must start the night before, just so you’re aware.
Italian Easter Bread
Easter Themed Snacks for Sunday School (or… just you ;-) )
Chocolate Easter Cake  ~ ’cause Chocolate is just good, whenever.  One of God’s gifts.
Simnel Cake (from Ireland)
Irish Easter Recipes



Easter Egg Natural Dyeing eBook from Syrendell
Resurrection Eggs
The Spotless Lamb ~ this is a project I’ve seen before, but never in this context.  GREAT idea!!
Watercolor Crosses
HUGE Suncatcher Cross
A Collection of Cute Crafts
10 Great Waldorf Inspired Kid’s Easter Crafts
The Magic Onion’s Best Easter Crafts
Beautiful Easter Wreath Mobile decoration
Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

Lapbooks, Studies, and Devotionals

An Easter Devotional:  Trail to the Tree by Ann Voskamp (FREE, go check it out!)
An Easter Adventure by Scripture Adventures
Intersection:  A Child and Family Lectionary Journey Volume 2, Year A:  Lent to Pentecost  ~ OK, haven’t used this, but it was recommended to me, and looks VERY interesting!
Easter Fun Pack from Enchanted Homeschool Mom
The Legend of the Easter Egg Lapbook ~ Homeschool Share
Easter Homeschool Fun ~ 1+1+1=1

Do you have any favorite Easter crafts, recipes or resources?  I’d love to hear about them!  Drop me a line, and make sure you’re following my Spring Pinterest Board!  Make sure you check out the rest of the Round Up, to see what great links the rest of the Crew found for Easter!

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