Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons!!

Have you guys heard of Always Ice Cream?   Clever Dragons?  No?? Let me share with you…

Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons are sweet sites set up to be gaming and safe social networking for kids 7-12.  Always Ice Cream is for girls, and Clever Dragons is for boys.  They are really cute, and my big kids (8 and 10) LOVE THEM.  (In fact, between you and I, that’s one of the reasons we got them tablets for Christmas.  Just sayin’… I’m awful sick of hearing them beg to go on mine!!)

The sites have educational games, and the kids earn some sort of currency (Scoops for girls, Coins for boys) that they can use to upgrade their houses/castles.  They earn their currency by playing the games, watching educational videos, and designing and selling things in their online “store” (beginning economy classes!).  Oh, and you can add to their scoops/coins by logging into to your Parent’s Account.  You have 2000 scoops/coins to give them a month  for whatever!  We use them for ensuring that chores and schoolwork gets done on time. ;-)  Plus, there are pets to “raise,” friends to make… all TYPES of fun stuff on there!!!   Oh, and you’ll be getting a Parent’s Summary email every week, detailing what your child did on the site.  Plus, you can go and check in on them at ANY time, using the Parent’s Summary button at the top of the page.

From my Kaitlyn:  “My favorite thing is making new friends and getting emails.”

From Patrick:  “My favorite thing is pets, games, and earning coins!”  (He’s going for one of the top coin earners this month, to get a special prize.)

OK, SO… here’s the really, REALLY exciting part!!  Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons has given us a VERY SPECIAL fundraising code to use for Carter’s Fundraising!! OH MY WORD.  (OK, I seriously about fell over when I saw my email this morning… I’m SO excited to bring this to you guys!!)

Here’s what you do:  Go to Always Ice Cream or Clever Dragons, and sign up.  Use the code KatieAHG when you do.   That’s our fundraising code. When you use this code and buy an ANNUAL or LIFETIME membership (without, of course, cancelling withing the 30 day trial period), we’ll get $10 donated to Carter’s fund!!

So, I know what you’re asking… How much does this cost?  Well, honestly, it’s a lot cheaper than many other kids’ sites I know of.

The Annual Membership is $29.99 a year… BUT, there’s a Holiday Special going on!  So, instead of 12 months, you’ll get 18 MONTHS for $29.99!!

The Lifetime Membership is $99.99.  And so worth it, especially if your child is younger than 10.  We got a lifetime membership for our 8 year old (Patrick).  Kaitlyn has an annual.  She’s 10.  We’re praying about whether or not to get her an annual, but definitely leaning towards yes. ;-)

This would be an AWESOME, clutter-free gift for ANY kid!  Fun, friends, learning, AND your kids begin to get used to being online, the do’s, don’t’s, etiquette, and safety, STILL in a safe environment, though.  That’s a skill that, in our family, we believe is of the utmost importance in this day and age.

I hope you’ll join us at Clever Dragons and Always Ice Cream!  Don’t forget to use the code KatieAHG when joining, to help support Carter in his search for his Forever Family, too!

PS… if you do join, let me know, and I’ll send you the kids’ Friendship Codes, so our kids can connect!!

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  1. LIsa says

    I just checked out always ice cream. Prices must have really increased since this article. A one year membership is $47.40. Lifetime memberships are now $139.00, and that’s for one child. If you want to have up to four children, it’s $299.00 yearly. Yikes!!If you several children, this isn’t such a good idea. I have reservations about the dragons as well. Just something to think about.

    • says

      Wow, I didn’t realize the prices had increased so much! We have Kaitlyn on a monthly subscription, and it’s not that much, and the boys both have lifetime memberships, so we don’t even pay for them anymore. I will say, though, that we’ve found it VERY worth every penny!!

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