2012 In the Rearview Mirror



Happy New Year everyone!!  Well, with 2012 officially in the rear view mirror, and 2013 in the headlights, I thought it might be a good idea to sit down, take an honest, objective look, and write down a lessons learned for 2012.




Lesson Learned #1:  Never say never.  Or definitely.  Or, most of the time even maybe.


This year, we’ve moved into 5 different houses in 2 different states.  We’ve decided to move to a third state, then didn’t.  We decided AGAIN to move, and didn’t.  We finally decided to die in the town we’re in now.  Mostly because I despise packing.


I might be a curriculum junkie...

I might be a curriculum junkie…


Lesson Learned #2:  Don’t mess with what works, just because it seems really really cool.


I had ambitions this year, if you remember, of starting Kaitlyn in a Waldorf-y curriculum.  I thought she would do better.  Things I learned:  Don’t attempt a program you can’t wrap your brain around, even if parts of it are awesome.  And B) Don’t promise you 11 year old a new year plan, until you actually buy it.  Because life might happen, and you might not be able to afford it, and then… that’s bad.


And, Classical is working for us.  And working very, very well.


judging woman


Lesson Learned #3:  Judge not… lest you be put in the same situation.


I admit it.  I tend to judge those who put their kids in school.  NOTHING irritates me more than seeing all of these moms on my Facebook wall counting down the days of summer until school starts up again.  What’s up with that??  And then… we hit a major roadblock, in the form of a certain child with ADHD/Oppositional Defiant Disorder.  (If you haven’t dealt, for real, don’t judge.)  And we seriously, seriously considered putting our kids in private school.  Really, they were supposed to start in a week.  And I started counting down Christmas break in my head.  Because, after 10 years, I was READY for a break.  I even had it all written and planned out how I was going to refocus this blog and… Well, after crunching the numbers, we can’t pull it off.  So, although we might still put at least one of them in next year, and I’m reserving the right to leave that WIDE open, we’re not yet.


But I learned… you never know what’s on the other side of the fence.  I tend not to talk about our struggles with my friends and family, because I don’t want to be judged.  I don’t want people to keep my sweet child away from theirs, out of fear that the “bad behaviors” will rub off, because, honestly, if anyone needs friends, good, Christian friends, it’s this kid.  There are a lot of families out there like ours.  Homeschooling families.  And so, I’ve learned, don’t judge a situation that you usually know nothing about.




Lesson Learned #4:  Roots and stability are essential to our family life.


We’ve moved throughout our 12 year marriage.  We’ve lived in 7 states, 15 different homes. We’ve not exactly had stability, and we’ve never put down roots.  And, you can tell.

Have you ever seen a tumbleweed?  They were everywhere when we lived in Wyoming.  Really, they’re just sagebrush, but sagebrush don’t have deep root systems.  So, in the west, where a lot of it is desert (Wyoming is a high plains desert), when it gets dry, the roots aren’t able to go deep enough to keep the plant still.  And, because of the INSANE wind up there, they just get pulled out and uprooted.  And they’ll tumble for miles, until they hit something to keep them still.  There’s not much out west… I’ve seen tumbleweeds come into my line of vision and leave it, in one straight line, without touching anything but the ground.  They just keep going and going and going…


That’s how we’ve been.  Like tumbleweeds, no solid root system to hold us in place, and so we just keep going and going.  Well, it’s time to stop.  Humans were created to be social, and in communities.  My kids need that, and so, we’re putting down roots here.  We’re getting involved with our church.  We’re meeting the community.  And IF our kids go to school next year, they’ll start and graduate from the same school district.  They have a place to call “home.”  It’s a good thing.


So, that’s what we’ve learned this year.   What about you?  What have you learned?  Drop me a line, and let me know!!

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