Spreading the Christmas Cheer for Ukrainian Orphans ~ Year 2!

DSCN00~1 (1)

Last year, if you remember, we helped Life 2 Orphans hold a fundraiser to spread Christmas Cheer to orphans in Ukraine.  That project worked SO well, and all of the orphanages had awesome Christmas parties!!

This year, the need is even more great.  With the war and unrest going on in Ukraine, more than ever, these kids need this little bit of childhood just for themselves.  You’ll remember that we recently helped with a fundraiser to buy beds for orphans in the Druzhkovka orphanage.  These kids are really in desperate need, and this will bring a little bit of sunshine to their winter.

If you’re new here, let me tell you a little bit about Life 2 Orphans:  Life2Orphans works with orphanages in Ukraine improving the quality of life for the children there.  It is through Life2Orphans that I sponsor Sasha, through their Happy Childhood program.

In the Christmas Cheer program, YOU have the chance to spread Christmas not just to one child, but to an ENTIRE ORPHANAGE!!  How amazingly awesome is that?

‘Operation Christmas Cheer’ is a project that will help provide Christmas to over 3500 orphans in 37 orphanages throughout Ukraine who otherwise will not get to celebrate Christmas due to lack of funding. The children will be blessed with a Christmas gift and a party with wonderful food and a Christmas program celebrating Christmas/New Year. A great project for your Church, Sunday school, Friend, Office, Family…

Christmas Cheer

Sponsors are asked to donate or raise $100.00 (more funds are appreciated for larger orphanages) per orphanage and send their donations, along with the name of the orphanage(s) they are sponsoring via the link and/or address below no later than December 28th. Christmas/New Years is celebrated on January 7th . Directors will be notified funds are on their way.  PLEASE NOTE–YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO $100!!  You can send as much as you want to make sure these kids have a great Christmas!!

Please e-mail ME (Kristi Kerr ~ kchara@aol.com) to tell me which orphanage you will be sponsoring. As each orphanage is chosen it will appear on the Sponsored List below. We are so happy to say that we have FOUR orphanages partially or fully sponsored (please see below).

Multiple sponsors for each orphanage are welcomed.


Sponsors, if sending donations via Paypal, click on the link below:


Or send by check to: 

Life2Orphans, Inc.

“Orphanage Name”

6420 E. Waltann Lane

Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

**All Donations are Tax Deductible** 


Orphanages Needing Christmas Cheer 

1. Antoshka , 60 children age 0-4 and now a rehab center for local special needs children

2. Bolgrad for the Deaf, 70 children, age 5-17

3. Boyarka, 90 children, ages 0-4

4. Cherkassy, 110 children, ages 0-4

5. Chernivsti Baby House, ages 0-4

6. Happy Childhood (formerly Children’s Hope), 200 – 300 orphans/children –

7. Children’s House of Chernivsti, 40 children, ages 4-11

8. Dnepropetrovsk, 180 children, ages 0-4

9. Druzhkovka, 226 children, ages 4-35

10. Gorlovka, 290 children, ages 7-17

11. Green Forest, 187 children, ages 6-18

12. Green Forest Baby Orphanage, ages 0-4

13. Izium, 55 children, ages 1-16 –

14. Kalinovka, 120 children, ages 7-17

15. Kharkiv #1, 120 children, ages 0-4

16. Kharkiv #2, 120 children, ages 0-4 –

17. Kharkiv #3, 105 children, ages 0-3

18. Kirovograd, 120 children, ages 0-4

19. Khmelnystkiy, 94 children, ages 0-4 –

20. Kmitov, 70 children, ages 6-16 

21. Kremenchuk, 100 children, ages 0-4

22. Makiivka AIDS Baby food, 0-4

23.  Makiivka AIDS Christmas Party, 0-4

24. Ladyzhin, 120 children, ages 4 – adult

25. Magala, 67 children

26. Nadvirna, 80 children, ages 0-4

27. Odessa #3, 165 children, ages 0-4

28. Pervomaysk, 92 children, ages 7-14

29. Roschitsa, 44 children, ages 3-7

30. Source of Life, 35 children, ages 3-17

31. Svalyava, 156 children, ages 0-4

32. Teterevka, Bible Orphan Ministry 

33. Ushomir, 190 children, ages 6-16, Bible Orphan Ministry

34. Yalta, 70 children, ages 0-4

35. Yolotchka, 120 children, ages 0-4

36. Zaporzhia, 142 children


Again, you can email me (Kristi) directly with questions, or to sponsor an orphanage!  My email address for this campaign is kchara@aol.com .  If you have any questions, feel free to ask away here in the comments, or on my Facebook page!

I have been so unbelievably blessed this year.  It is my privilege and honor to partner again with Life2Orphans to help bring a little bit of the blessings to Ukraine!


Beds for Orphans in Ukraine

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As of 10/7/14, we have raised $3,524.96!!!  Only $1,675.04 left to go until we hit our goal!!!  

36 children will have beds this winter!  19 to go!

Thank you so much to the Hollers, Schwartzs, Bentleys, and Tuckers!!! 

Head to Living Change Fitness and Nutrition on Facebook, to find out an awesome, fun new way you can help these kids!  Let’s wrap this up!!


OK, ladies and gentlemen.  Here’s a post straight from the bottom of my heart.  Y’all have been seeing what’s going on in Ukraine right now.  It’s a nightmare.  Two of the orphanages that one of my favorite charities, Life 2 Orphans, works with, are in Donetsk.  If you don’t know where that is, that’s in Eastern Ukraine.  That’s where the airliner was shot down.  That’s some of the nastiest of the nasty right there.  One of the orphanages was even bombed.  (Blessedly, none of the special-needs adults or children were hurt.   Unfortunately, some of the caretakers were, but not too badly, it seems.)

The two orphanages were able to get out of Donetsk to a safe place, another orphanage called Druzhkovka.  Megan at Life 2 Orphans shares it better than I could.


We all know what is going on in Ukraine. It’s a scary, scary situation. People are terrified and panicked, running from their homes.

Now, can you imagine trying to move 145 children out of their home?  Many of whom are special needs? Some of whom are Bedridden?  Along with caregivers? Me either, but that’s exactly what’s happened in Donetsk.

The kids from the Shakhtyorskiy orphanage had to evacuate. They had to leave because the fighting in Donetsk was too dangerous.

Many of these Bedridden orphans came from the Torez orphanage. A few weeks ago the Torez orphanage was bombed.  Blessedly, none of the children and adult orphans with special needs who live there were hurt (although, a few of the caregivers were). They did survive, though, Thank God!

But war does nott know boundaries, and there are a lot of people in a lot of trouble. I received this e-mail from Life2Orphans: STATE OF EMERGENCY AT THE DRUZHKOVKA ORPHANAGE, DONETSK, UKRAINE, Druzhkovka orphanage is now overwhelmed with 375 orphans in an orphanage that did house ONLY 230.  The Shakhtyorskiy orphanage had to leave the area of fighting and evacuate their 145 orphans and caregivers to the Druzhkovka orphanage. They are now bursting at the seams and need our help immediately!!

After transferring the orphans from Shakhtyorskiy the children are now sleeping on the floors on mattresses side by side.  They had no additional beds, but they have found enough mattresses for all the orphans. The caregivers are sleeping wherever they can in the orphanage.

Please note these are the former Bedridden boys and girls from Torez, and they are now together at Druzhkovka.  So happy to say, The Individual Orphan Caregivers are still with their children

This is a SEVERE need. This is serious.  These are orphans with mild to very severe special needs.  Some of them are bedridden.  With no beds.  Seriously.  So, the first fundraiser we’re going to work on is to get cots and mattresses to these kids.  Winter is coming.  Can you imagine sleeping on the floor, no cot, no mattress, no nothing, full time, all winter long?  In Ukraine?  Seriously?  Let’s get this done.

Christmas Cheer

Megan tells me we need 55 cots with mattresses.  The set costs $93.50 ($34.25/cot, $59.25/mattress).  That equals out to just under $5,200 (considering wire transfer fees and the like).  I say we set that as our goal.  These kids deserve better than a winter sleeping on the floor, because of a war that is completely beyond their control.

To donate to this fundraiser, please go to the Life2Orphans Make a Monetary Donation page.  You’ll see chat box, and in there, please put DRUZHKOVA FUND.  That’s where the money is going to buy the cots and mattresses.

How fast can we do this?  The need is so great, this is the first fundraiser we’ll be having, but not the last.  These kids deserve so much better than this.

Here are some new pictures I’ve gotten of the kids!!  These are the very kids that we are helping sleep well this winter.  The very kids who are sleeping on floors now.  We can do this!!

DFAB~1 DSCN9865 _18A4D~1

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’

~Matthew 25:40

Blogging Through the Alphabet: D is for Delaeney

Delaeney… the younger of the Twincesses…




Every inch attitude.  She went through a phase this year where she ONLY wanted Daddy.  Which was rather difficult, since Daddy was working on the road at the time.  Luckily, she’s coming out of that.


Delaeney took longer than her sister to do pretty much everything… crawling, walking, talking… It’s like she was waiting to make sure everything worked out OK for Caeleigh.  But once she decided to, she was off and running!!  So much so, in fact, that she’s the first one we’ve had to actually break a bone.  ((sigh))   She was practicing her ballet.  On the arm of the couch.



Delaeney is also my observational one.  She finds the snails, bugs, and nests that everyone else just runs right past.  She loves bugs.  LOVES. BUGS.  And, as she informed me this summer, she’s not afraid at ALL of bees.  But her favorite bugs are ladybugs and snails.  (Yes, I realize snails aren’t bugs… but in Delaeney-world, they’re small, so they’re bugs.)


This is my Loopsie doll.  All spice and a pinch of sugar.  We love you Delaeney!!!



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Blogging Through the Alphabet

Blogging Through the Alphabet: C is for Caeleigh

My baby girl, Caeleigh…

Caeleigh is our clown. Generally ready to laugh and make you laugh.  She was Twin A, and the oldest of our twins by 5 minutes.  From the moment she was born, it was obvious she was the more outgoing, risk-taking of the two.  Her twin sister is by far her BFF, and she absolutely adores her older sister.



Caeleigh loves all things pink (mama might’ve had something to do with that…), and is so smart, it’s scary.  She’s another one we’re working on using her powers for good instead of evil.  She figured out real quick, though, that finding Mama and Daddy for snuggle time is best done when everyone else is super engaged… then she gets ALL of the attention!!


IMG_0568 copy



Our beautiful Kitty-Caeleigh-Clown.  How I love you, my sweet girl!



Don’t let all of those funny faces fool you, though.  She can have a temper like nobody’s business.  Caeleigh is very much her own person, and lives life to the fullest.  We predict she will be the type of adult that squeezes every last bit of joy out of life, and will have a blast doing it!

We love you Caeleigh!!


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Blogging Through the Alphabet

Whovian Wednesdays: World War 2 and The Blitz


Welcome back to Whovian Wednesdays!!  This week, we watched The Empty Child (always a favorite!!) and The Doctor Dances.  There are actually 2 weeks of World War 2, and we went ahead and started next week, watching Victory of the Daleks, because we have some Dalek fanatics around here, and there was no way I was keeping them from starting it, anyway, so we just went ahead and did both together. ;)

So, WW2 is something I keep putting off teaching.  Not because it’s important, because it’s SO important, but because it hurts my heart.  Teaching my kids about the Nazi’s, what they believed and why, and what they did… it’s hard for me.  I always told my husband he was going to have to teach it, so I was sort of glad to have these weeks to open that door.

This week, Danny read all about Winston Churchill (you can get some great, easy to read biographies on Kindle), and wrote his essays on technology in the military during World War 2 and the comparisons of Daleks to the Nazis (yes, apparently this is a thing, which is actually pretty cool if you think about it).  I also assigned him three literature books to read about the time period:  The Diary of Ann Frank, Number the Stars, and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  Of course, he didn’t get all 3 read this week, but he’s started them.  There’s also one called The Journey that Saved Curious George that I’d like him to read, if he gets the time.

We also learned about Propaganda Posters, and talked about how governments today use propaganda. Always, always, always a relevant topic (another good book to read for older kids when discussing propaganda would probably be Orwell’s 1984).  Danny was tasked with creating a propaganda poster to get people to watch Doctor Who.  Being Danny, of course, he had to make it for the Daleks instead.  Because… that’s my boy!  Here’s what he came up with:


I’m not sure why the colors ended up like that… it’s actually black and red, not black and green.  But, it was a cool poster nonetheless.  He used paints to do it with.

This week, we also learned quite a bit about the geography of World War 2 and Great Britain during this time period.  There are so many interactive maps and resources. There are also tons of documentaries on WW2, but please make sure you preview them.  They can be rather graphic, and upsetting to younger or more sensitive viewers.  Of course, we talked a lot about the Nazi’s, morals, ethics, and values.

There is so much to do, with literature, art, everything with this week’s study.  There’s no way to fit it all in, this could easily become a semester long study in and of itself.  But, we did a good overview of WW2, and learned so much doing it!


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I am SO EXCITED to bring you a BUNCH of giveaways this Holiday Season!!  I mean a ton… and today, I have some beautiful pouches to bring you!  Head over to A Cowgirl and a Dream to see these beautiful little handmade pouches, and to Radiance Redefined to order.  $1 out of every pouch goes to Riley’s Children’s Hospital.  Having grown up in Indianapolis, I have known so many people helped at Riley’s, so this one is near to my heart.  Please head over and check them out now, and then join this wonderful giveaway!!

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ABCs of Homeschooling Through the Holidays ~ D is for Decorating

D is for Decorating


The honest to goodness hardest part of the holidays for me is decorating.  I don’t know why.  My mom was a virtual Martha Stewart when it came to decorating for the holidays.  I’m just not.  I do try, and I have the best of intentions, but I don’t.  Then, I feel bad.  Bringing the atmosphere of the Season into the home is really important to me.  Here are some tips I’ve learned if you’re like me, wanting to go all out, but not quite sure where to start.

Does this sound like you??  Head over to Homeschool Encouragement where I’m guest blogging today to find out my 5 Simple Tips to Decorate for the Holidays!

Caeleigh tree

Holiday Gift Giving for Girlfriends

***Affiliate Links are used in this post.***Top 5

For the first time in a very, VERY long time,  have girlfriends I want to get gifts for for Christmas.  Usually, we focus only on family, but this year, there have been some really special women that touched my heart and soul, and I want to show them how loved and appreciated they are.  With that in mind, here is my holiday gift giving guide for girlfriends… women who touch your heart!

1)  One Thousand Gifts:  A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp


This is seriously one of the best books ever.  The writing is beautiful, the message is so very needed.  I love this book.  I know my girls will, too.  Pairing this with the study guide or even just a pretty blank gratitude journal and pen would alone be a lovely gift!

2)  Tea ~ Tea is awesome.  Tea on cold winter days is heavenly. I love the teas from Natural Choices Botanica.  They’re local to me (actually found them at the Farmer’s Market), and the tea is SO GOOD!!  This morning, I was loving their Dragon Pearl Flowering Tea (seriously, this is cool stuff, but you have to email them to order, it’s not always in).  I think for Christmas gifts, I’m drooling over God’s Grace, Winter Solstice, Underwater Moonlight and Pearls, and Flower Love.

funky earthy teapot

From Andrea Hill Pottery

3)  With good tea, one needs tea accessories!  Once again, I’ll head to Natural Choices Botanica, who has bamboo infusers, mesh teaballs, and stainless steal teaspoon infusers, for VERY reasonable prices.  Of course, infusers alone wouldn’t do it.  Andrea Hill Pottery has the most beautiful teapots and lidded mugs!  We’re definitely going to be shopping there this season.

blue and tan mug

From Andrea Hill Pottery

4)  Inspiration ~ This one is easy, and FREE.  Well, mostly free.  I found the most BEAUTIFUL printables over at A Holy Experience (again, Ann Voskamp has amazing stuff ~ click the Freebies tab on the top right hand side).  Every mama needs some inspiration, and these beautiful free prints can send a virtual hug when you can’t.  I’m going to send these off to the office supply store to be printed, frame them in funky frames from the thrift store, and call them loved.

5)  Shari’s Berries.  Because… chocolate.  Seriously.  The person who gets me this 10 Cherries & Dozen Strawberries set for Christmas will be my BFF until the end of time.  (Just putting that out there…)

So that’s it, my Top 5 Girlfriend Gifts this year!  Let me hear what your ideas are in the comments!! And check out the rest of the Crew’s Holiday Gift Guides!

Holiday Gift Guides

TOS Review Crew: IXL



Review is so very important in moving information from the short term to the long term memory.  And, review is something that often either gets overdone, cutting into learning time with new information, or gets left behind, in favor of new information. At least, in our house it does.  I’ve been on the lookout for a program I can use that is simple and all of the kids can use to make sure they’re reviewing and retaining the things I need them to.  I’ve heard a lot of great things about IXL, and it keeps coming up, so I was excited to review IXL Math and IXL Language Arts.


Christmas Book Review
IXL is an online review program for kids in grades PreK-12, covering math and language arts.  The program is aligned to state standards (you choose your state when you sign up) along with Common Core standards.  IXL does not teach, but rather, reviews.  If the student gets a problem wrong, it will work through the problem with them.  But the focus is on practice, not learning new skills.  In this way, it works very, very well.  We are using IXL with Sean (7, 2nd grade), Danny (11, 6th grade) and Kaitlyn (13, 7th grade).

Each child gets their own account, plus a parent account.

Each child gets their own account, plus a parent account.

IXL has math apps for iPad, Android, and Kindle.  My kids primarily used the Android app.  Danny didn’t like the apps very well, because he said they kept freezing up.  But, the website works just as well.  They seem to like the apps just fine on the iPad.  The app is free, which is great!  But, in case you don’t want to download another app, you can use IXL just fine through the browser.  There is no app for language arts yet.

When you sign into IXL, you’ll see a pop up that tells you to choose a user (see pic above).  I love this.  One parent account can monitor a number of students, and that’s VERY helpful to me.  Each student has their own password (set by me), so they won’t be accidentally logging on to each other’s account.  It’s also color-coded and they each chose their own icon.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.58.29 AM

In the parent account, you can easily see what skills your student has mastered, what skills they’re having trouble with, and how long they’ve spent on IXL.  This last one is VERY important to us, as some other online games have gotten in the way of our studies lately.  Being able to tell at a glance if the kids have actually been on IXL, or have been distracted by Minecraft, is a HUGE plus to me!  In addition, you’ll get reports emailed to you for each of your students, and certificates of completion, for you to either print or save, your choice.  For younger ones, especially, printing them off can be a great motivator.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 9.00.05 AM

IXL has your child practice whatever skills are expected for that standard, in that grade.  You choose the grade, and you can go up and down at will.  For example, I started Sean off in 2nd grade Math, but realized that it would be a bit much for him still, so I bumped him down to first grade Math, no problem.  You simply click on the link.  It is worth noting that while Math starts at PreK, Language Arts does not start until 2nd grade, and continues to 8th grade from there. It’s very basic in second grade, however: subjects, predicates, and the like.Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.58.47 AM

The only problem we noticed with IXL is a bit of frustration.  The concept is considered “mastered” when they get 100 points.  They keep reviewing, until they get 100 points.  This can be frustrating, as if they get one wrong, they can jump down a whole bunch of points, whereas getting one right only adds 1-2 points per problem.  On the other hand, this method also ensures a good mastery of the subject.

You and your child can easily see how much time they're spending on IXL.  For accountability. ;)

You and your child can easily see how much time they’re spending on IXL. For accountability. ;)

IXL is something that all three of my big kids ask to get on daily.  I don’t have to fuss after them to do it, at all.  They’re mastering their concepts, and while it’s not game-like and fun, it’s not tedious and boring, either.  The kids get little virtual rewards and stickers, and, while my big kids don’t care all that much about them, Sean definitely does, and is excited each time he opens up a new block.

IXL is available for $9.95/month or $79/year for one subject (math or language arts).  Each additional membership is $2.oo/child or $20/year.  So, it’s very economical!  I think this is a program we’ll be sticking with, for quite a while to come!

What did the rest of the Crew think of IXL?  Click the banner below to find out!

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Blogging Through the Alphabet–Boys



Boys.  You love them, or you don’t have any.  They are the most frustrating, messy, loud, irritating, creatures God created.  They’re definitely full of snips and snails and puppy dog tails.  They’re also full of the most amazing kisses, the biggest, most bone-crushing hugs, and the funniest jokes ever!


We have 3 boys, ages 11 (NEARLY 12 MOM!!!), 7, and 4-at-the-end-of-the-month.  From the moment each of these boys was born, they made their presence KNOWN, in no uncertain terms.  I AM HERE WORLD!! STAND BACK.  And it’s been an adventure ever since.


Danny, our 11 year old, is determined to be the Leader of the World.  Not the free world.  Not the developed world.   This kid is going to take over the ENTIRE world.  Because we mere mortals just can’t possibly understand.  To get there, he’s currently focusing on developing his fighting skills (mostly with his brothers), building a model sized world in Minecraft, and studying every aspect of being a Time Lord to harness the power of time and space.  Heaven help me.  This child came into the world screaming, and really, I don’t think he’s stopped.  Even when he’s just talking, he has exactly two volume settings–loud and deafening.



Sean, 7 years old, is our poet.  He’s our snuggler and lover.  He is the King of the Littles, and has been so for about 5 years now.  Although he loves leading them, he’s starting to pull into the big kid stage, and is looking for a mentor in his big brother.  Who, unfortunately, is too busy taking over the world.  Alas… I see an epic power struggle in the near future.  But, Sean is rather good-natured, too.  I often say I should have named him Isaac.  His very first night on earth, he woke me up laughing in his sleep.  Scared me to death–I thought someone was in the room with me!!  No one believed me for months, until my husband heard him do it. To this day, he laughs in his sleep.  Sean has the biggest and best smile ever.

Sean tooth

Liam, 4, was born on Thanksgiving, effectively ruining half of our town’s Turkey Day.  (It was a small town… and we had to call everyone in to the hospital…  In my defense, he was supposed to be a homebirth!!)  As the youngest of six, he is determined to make sure that everyone knows that HE is the main cheese!!  Unless he’s getting into trouble, in which case, he’s a master at hiding.  May heaven have mercy on you if you lose sight of that boy, even for a second.  There’s no telling what he’s doing.


These are my boys.  I pray for them constantly.  (If you want some good support on praying for your boys, check out the resources at The MOB Society–awesome place!)  I pray that I’m able to raise up godly men, who never lose the boyish spirit that God gave them.  I pray that they’re never held back because of who they are.  Raising boys today is hard, and it’s scary.  I don’t worry about my girls getting into college–girl power and all that.  Colleges are begging for “diversity”.  I do worry about my boys.  Going to college, getting jobs, starting their lives.  Will their ethnicity and gender work against them in a few years, in a warped, PC-push?  What are they going to be taught from our society, with all of this talk of “white privilege”?  That the hard work they’ve done, the hours they’ve put in, the battles they’ve fought don’t matter, because they’re white and male?  I’m a mama.  I worry.  Because they do fight battles, in their hearts, in their minds, in their souls.  They fight hard.  I never want them to think that fight was for nothing.  That they somehow didn’t earn their success.  I’m watching the earn it now.

Mommy and Liam

Boys are given a tough ride in our society.  Pray for our boys.  Pray that they understand, in this Princess-filled, girl-power heavy society that they’re not less than.  There’s nothing wrong with being a boy.  A stereotypical, rough and tumble, noise-with-dirt-on-it boy.  Pray they understand that that. is. awesome.




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5 on the 5th ~ November 2014

5 on the 5th

Welcome back to another month of 5 on the 5th!!  I’m loving this link up, and thank you so much to Marcy at Ben and Me for hosting!!  OK, here are the 5 posts I read this past month that spoke to me:

Homeschool Super Mom

1)  Homeschool Supermom at Lextin Academy of Classical Education.


2)  Virtual Hugs to Encourage and Inspire Homeschool Moms  at Homeschool Encouragement.

grocery bag1

3)  Our Favorite Winter Meal Routine from Thou Shall Not Whine


4) You from Simblissity Cottage (seriously, I strive to remember this every day…)


5)  Leaving Fundamentalism Behind from My Mismatched World.  Seriously, you have no idea how brave this woman is.  Love you, girl!!


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